Review Responses

17th December, 2008

The two (ASS) maps have received quite a few responses on various forums.  Almost all liking the reviews especially the guy who submitted them in the first place, (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve.  He seems to have got a lot of grief from fellow clan members for doing this but only out of a love for UT and his clan.  I think he has a really sound attitude to the whole thing.  It is just a game and having a sense of humour is vital for anything involving the net.

When a map is submitted it gets reviewed as a standard map.  This is stated, very clearly, in the Map Submission page.  If the map requires a mod to run correctly then it won’t play well when run normally.  Therefore it will probably receive a bad review.  There are no categories for mods or TCs yet.  Very little interest in reviewing maps for anything other than the vanilla UTs have been expressed to me.  Traditionally, clan maps don’t do well on review sites due to the insular nature of clan servers.  Maps created for these environments tend to be very specialised.  It’s like reviewing a Ferrari’s off-road capabilities and wondering why it scores much lower than a Landrover.

If only everyone had a passion for UT like (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve has then maybe the servers would be fuller rather than full forums full of whining about how UT is on its way out.

All the best


Back To Normal

12th November, 2008

Glad people liked those reviews and thanks for all the feedback.

Now that those packs are done I can get back to normal reviewing.  I’ll post some more once I’ve done the three in the queue.

I have uploaded a PS3 version of Quatro for those who have a PS3 and who would like to beta test Quatro for me.  Big thanks to Ionium over at the Beyond Unreal forums.


Non UT Link – Into Final Fantasy?  A nice FF blog


31st October, 2008

I finished writing the reviews for the CBP3 Vol 1.  I don’t have time to post and pimp them now so I’ll do that tomorrow.

Whilst you’re waiting why not fill up the forums with stuff.:D

anything goes 😀

All the best

New Review

22nd October, 2008

This is DM-Syrinx, Tres Walsh’s first release so he needs and wants some constructive criticism to help his level designing improve. It’s great new people want to try their hand and this.  I know this community can help and support new designers.

I’ll post reviews as and when I do them.  Once a week I’ll send the big news sites a round up of the weeks reviews and hopefully they’ll post them.a

Why not use the very liberal forums whilst you wait for the next review?   ahem:D

Some of you may have noticed the download buttons disappear from the reviews for a few minutes.  This seemed to be a bug within WordPress.  I’ve now changed all the download links back to text so that shouldn’t happen again.  Please let me know if you find any other bugs.

Till then


18th October, 2008

I think I’m developing permanent cramp not to mention RSI that will take days to calm down.  I’ve never typed so much before.  All good stuff though and it won’t be long until I’ve finished the CBP3 Vol2 pack.  It’s great that there is interest building in this site BTW; Keep those map subs coming.

The Unreal community seems to be coming alive recently.  More and more custom stuff appearing.

Have a browse here at the BeyondUnreal forums and you’ll soon see what I mean.  Try a single player mod for UT3, Prometheus.

Thanks to RaptoR over at PlanetUnreal for pimping again.

Till then

Non UT Related link.  Snooker’s long lost cousin


10th October, 2008

I went on a memory trip today.  I decided to play through the original Unreal.  It still feels so atmospheric and, in a strange way, it still looks good.  Maybe it’s the rose tint that memory shades the experience with but I’m enjoying it as much as the first time.

I’d love to see it in the new engine.  I could make the levels but not the character models.  I may look into it though.  If you know of a mod team who are already doing it please tell me.

Not sure why the forums have gone.  If they don’t return soon I’ll look into it.

Should get reviews and stuff this weekend.

Till then

One Review Done

2nd October, 2008

One review is done and I’ll be doing the next one tomorrow and posting them both.  I think it’ll be better to save up two or three reviews and then post them at the same time.  Maybe have a review release day twice a week for example.  If you think differently then post a comment below or even post in the Forums.  I need more map subs posted here.  A review can help spread the word about your map and get it onto server rotations.

I’ll be trying some other ideas out with the site tonight so bear with us if things get a little wonky.  it’ll only be temporary.

Till then