Review Scheme

No review scheme is ever perfect.  These reviews are just a guide.  When it comes to reviewing older game types such as UT99, I’m not going to compare it to UT3’s eye candy.  There will be times when UT99 maps will get higher ratings than UT3 maps.  The scores are not relative.  That would be unfair to authors using the older unreal engines

Gameplay = Maximum 30%

It’s got to flow plus are the pick-ups thoughtfully placed and make sense.  Does the player spawn facing a wall?  Does the architecture inhibit movement?  Do the bots pose a threat?  Is the player count good for the map size?

Performance = Maximum 30%

Check the machine I’m using to review them.  I believe that to be an average spec machine.  I get around 40 – 50 FPS through the stock maps.  It will be marked down if the fps drops constantly or frequently and higher if it’s the opposite.  If the frame rate is consistantly above 60 then it will get full marks but only if it’s constant.

Eye Candy = Maximum 25%

Does it have that wow factor?  Do the visuals fit the theme?  For example does a Lego map look like Lego?  Does the giant living room make you feel ant like?  If it’s meant to be realistic, is it?  Is the lighting good or vomit inducing?  If it’s a HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly) style map is the performance silky smooth and does it feel like a UT3 map?

The Details = Maximum 15%

Does the map have music, back-story or some imagination behind the title?  DM-fragpitforclanubersnipersv1.14necroremix is not going to score well.  What about an in-game screenshot?

Map Packs

The pack’s score can be adjusted after the individual map scores have been averaged.  This can be due to insufficient information in the read me or no readme at all.  No mention of any special requirements such as custom content or bonus packs needed to run the maps can also cause the score to be lowered.  Test your map in a default install of the game plus the latest patch to make sure.

The reviewer’s decision is final.  If you think the review was unfair in anyway them please tell us in a polite and respectful manner.  Any other way will result in much hilarity and laughter for everyone as I will post your rants for all to see.  Don’t take it too seriously and remember it’s a game.  You’ve been warned 🙂


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