Tactical Assault (aka Tac Ops) Update

29th October, 2008

Over at the tac o…er I mean Tactical Assault site, Angrypenguin posted the October update.  This classic mod is already looking very sweet and I can’t wait to play it and make a map r two for it.  I loved tac ops on the original UT.  Under the new engine this TC should rock.

Visit the site as they have a huge amount of media for people to look through.  This is a very active development team and worthy of your support.  The link is also on the links page as well.

I’m still on track with the reviews and quatro08.  Thanks for the feed back, always welcome.

More soon

All the best


That Went Well

21st October, 2008

Again, big thanks to hal at Beyond Unreal for the pimpage.

I’m glad you seem to like those reviews and thanks for being patient.

You guys are trying to kill me:D.  Two more map packs, one after the other.  I’ll start reviewing again tomorrow.  Don’t stop  subbing maps though.   😀

I want to add model reviews as well but I’m not sure about how to structure the review scheme.  If you have any ideas then please shout.

Added a new site to the Links page.  A Wiki devoted to the editor.  I’m probably the last to know about this site but if you can add to it that would be great.  It also has a static mesh directory.

Very handy.

More review goodness on the way very soon.

Till then