Roots Part 2

10th October, 2008

Pod casts, hmm (see comments for yesterdays post).  Never done them before but an interesting thought.  I would be a cool way to see in 10 years of Unreal.  Thanks for the offer Minister Fish.  Deffinitly worth thinking about.

These are screens I’ve taken tonight of the game that started it all.  Just the journey out of the Vortex Rikers prison ship.  Remember that this game is nearly 10 years old.  I remember having to turn the settings down when I first played it :D.  I had a P3 500 with 256 ram and that nasty onboard Intel graphics chip.  The game came with the voodoo 3 card I bought but thanks to Hewlett Packard snipping off and then soldering the jumpers on the motherboard I couldn’t install it.  Self taught PC building soon followed :D.

Enjoy the memories

The start in the prison cells

Remember this hidden bit?

The main control panel.  Remember the guy that wakes up then dies when you go near him?

The first view as you exit the ship.

And finally this classic shot.  Everyone who played Unreal back then remembers this

Remember graphics like this were bleeding edge at the time.  I would love to see this re-done in today’s engine.

I might have a go myself.

Till then



10th October, 2008

I went on a memory trip today.  I decided to play through the original Unreal.  It still feels so atmospheric and, in a strange way, it still looks good.  Maybe it’s the rose tint that memory shades the experience with but I’m enjoying it as much as the first time.

I’d love to see it in the new engine.  I could make the levels but not the character models.  I may look into it though.  If you know of a mod team who are already doing it please tell me.

Not sure why the forums have gone.  If they don’t return soon I’ll look into it.

Should get reviews and stuff this weekend.

Till then