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The two (ASS) maps have received quite a few responses on various forums.  Almost all liking the reviews especially the guy who submitted them in the first place, (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve.  He seems to have got a lot of grief from fellow clan members for doing this but only out of a love for UT and his clan.  I think he has a really sound attitude to the whole thing.  It is just a game and having a sense of humour is vital for anything involving the net.

When a map is submitted it gets reviewed as a standard map.  This is stated, very clearly, in the Map Submission page.  If the map requires a mod to run correctly then it won’t play well when run normally.  Therefore it will probably receive a bad review.  There are no categories for mods or TCs yet.  Very little interest in reviewing maps for anything other than the vanilla UTs have been expressed to me.  Traditionally, clan maps don’t do well on review sites due to the insular nature of clan servers.  Maps created for these environments tend to be very specialised.  It’s like reviewing a Ferrari’s off-road capabilities and wondering why it scores much lower than a Landrover.

If only everyone had a passion for UT like (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve has then maybe the servers would be fuller rather than full forums full of whining about how UT is on its way out.

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4 Responses to Review Responses

  1. IronMonkey says:

    I know that for some of us UT is a religion but I suspect
    “secular nature of clan servers.” should have read “insular nature of clan servers.” 🙂

    I do think it would be interesting to see some mod/TC maps reviewed. The difficulty is in establish a marking scheme that respects the usual things but values the particular characteristics of the mod. A problem that might just be too difficult to solve.

    As far as clan maps and similar go, I think you are spot on. There is just no way for a general review site to assess a clan map in a context that makes sense to the general player.

  2. Firefly says:

    Thank you (and thanks for the correction;)). I may not do clan maps altogether. I’m not sure

  3. Agoura_Steve says:

    Sorry to create issues for you Firefly.
    Thank you again for the reviews, and I am sorry that some people I know gave you grief.
    I respect what you are saying. I apologize for any unsavory comments that you endured.
    You are a professional site and shouldn’t need to endure abusive comments.

  4. Firefly says:

    It’s not your fault steve. np

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