New Review

12th December, 2008

Only one review today.  DM-Artiphycial for UT99.  Keep submitting those maps guys.  I can’t review what isn’t there.  Please fill up that queue. 😀

DM-Artiphycial By 2’face 81/100


After a conversation with Charon in the comments section of DM-FoT-Arken I have decided to take his/her advice and use the OpenGL drivers to review the maps.  I have also updated the map submission page to reflect this.  Modern UT99 maps need these to run properly.  I’ll also make a comment about how it runs under the default renderers.

The drivers are here and I’m using version utglr34.  They really improve the looks and performance on modern machines.

Thanks to Charon for this.

All the best