ONS-Tank Fight By The Savant

Desert warfare with tanks, sounds good.  No back story given.

Gameplay 23/30

I had a lot of fun with this because it’s a bit different and works well.  With the name Tank Fight it will come as no surprise that the gameplay revolves around tanks.  The layout is a rough square of desert and dunes.  The bases at opposing corners with a single node in the centre make for a very simple rush and hold style play.  It does get a little samey after a while.  That’s the downside of course.  It does work as an Onslaught map but it might be a little too simple for die hard fans of the game type.

The recommended load of 1 to12 is a little silly.  I would say around 8 to 12 for some good battles.  The bots handle the tanks well and will also defend the bases on foot.  If they’ve run out of tanks they’ll act a little strangely but this isn’t much of a problem.

Performance 26/30 (Hardware)

Pretty smooth but the viewing distance is quite far which may cause slight slowdown on older machines.

Eye Candy 12/25

The terrain has been handled OK with the rolling dunes being pretty believable.  The repetitive sand texture is a bit jarring though.  It should have been scaled up a little more as well as another layer painted onto the mesh, maybe of a rock texture.  The addition of more rock meshes as well as the addition of destroyed tank meshes would have help break up the repetition.  I noticed some of the dunes on the edges of the desert had a dark outline.  Also other areas were overly dark.  More ambient lighting is needed.   Another big omission is the sun.  This is a desert so the sky should be blue with a big, burning sun to convey the sense of heat.

On the whole it was a fun place to be though

The Details 14/15

No back story but everything is here

Final Score 75/100

A good map and a great attempt at something a bit different.  The trade-off though is as a serious Onslaught map it just doesn’t have enough to satisfy.  Try it, you might like it.



One Response to ONS-Tank Fight By The Savant

  1. Murphy says:

    the idea of having individual pieces of metal hardware in a desert environment reminds me of a singleplayer map in Jedi Academy. It’s a cool theme to explore.
    In the map above, the hardware part looks really good, but in stark contrast to that the desert looks bad. No offense intended. Maybe The Savant can release a Special Edition of this map with a better terrain?
    The textures scaled larger, the dunes more dune-like, maybe some dry grass and/or parts of the terrain with dry and broken mud, some indication for requently traveled ways, like tracks in the sand or a sand type that looks like it was compressed by vehicles rolling over it all the time, etc. pp.

    I looked at the screenshots and the terrain immediately put me off. Only the high score made me look at them closer and I see the potential, as the hardware parts do look good. Firefly also rated the gameplay high so a terrain-make-over would really be worth it as you (The Savant) seem to have a solid map at your fingertips.

    Good luck either way, and thanks for offering another map in UT2004’s late life-cycle! 🙂

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