Quatro09 BETA Released

12th November, 2008

I’ve decided to release the beta.  Please give me feedback on this.

Current issues i know about

  1. The Sky Dome isn’t scaled properly yet.
  2. There are two areas of concrete walkway on the top level.  These will snag.
  3. The shadows on some of the meshes aren’t quite right.  (i could do with a hand on these).

Thanks to hal again over at Beyond Unreal for posting about the reviews.

There is a difference in the name of one of the HOLP 2 maps.  Over at the HOLP 2 Page it is listed as Bonecrusher yet in game it is Bonescraper.  I’ve updated the review but any current links should still work.

Thanks to Thrallala for pointing that out.

All the best


HOLP 2 Reviews

9th November, 2008

They’re done.  Click here to go to the main pack review page or click on the individual titles below to go straight to the specific review.

89/100 – CTF-Razor By H0ok

88/100 – DM-Precision By Barballs

88/100 – DM-Echelon By Slainchild

87/100 – DM-Bonecrusher By XYZ8000

86/100 – DM-Agony2 Converted By EvilMrFrank

84/100 – CTF-Cardinal By Sjosz

83/100 – DM-Chizra By HazelH

82/100 – CTF-Vogel By Mclogenog

80/100 – CTF-Yoghourt By StratooS

Pack score 85/100

Big thanks to the HOLP team for putting together a great pack which should give a lot of fun and enjoyment.

As ever please use the comments to give the authors valuable feedback and vote as well.

Hope you enjoy the reviews.

All the best

EDIT: The link to DM-Echelon By Slainchild is now fixed.  Sorry about that.  Thanks Wael

HOLP 2 Reviews Tomorrow

9th November, 2008

I only have one more to do so I’ll be posted the reviews tomorrow.

As before I’ll take a short break from reviewing and try and get a beta of quatro out in the next few days.

The birthday went fine BTW

All the best

Non-UT ralated link – Mario and Co + Gangsta Tripping???

Nearly Done

7th November, 2008

The HOLP reviews should be posted by the end of this weekend.  Once that’s done I can get back to normal reviews and building the site and Quatro

I’m beginning to think the comment system is bugged or broken as I haven’t had any feedback or comments for a while.  I hope that isn’t the case.

It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow so I might not post anything then.

All the best

Feedback Please

5th November, 2008

This site has been going for a little while now.  I’d like some feedback on what you guys think of it so far.  I noticed a few have used the poll and have posted feedback in the past (thank you) but please tell me what you’d change, what you like, what you want to get rid off etc.

It would really help me decide in the next version of this site.  It will help make the site better for you.

The HOLP pack reviews are progressing and I’m still on course (fingers crossed :)).

All the best


5th November, 2008

I’m plugging away with the HOLP 2 pack.  It’s turning out to be quite a good pack.  I don’t want to pre-empt the reviews though so I’ll say no more.

Once this pack has been done though I can get back to the single map reviews and quatro.  Remember you can still sub maps and I accept the three main flavours of UT.  Just visit the Map Submission page for more details.

Keep subbing

All the best

Quatro Beta Release Close

3rd November, 2008

I was hoping to get a beta version of Quatro08 ready for release tonight but time was against me.  Didn’t get a lot done yesterday due to the migraine.  Hopefully I’ll be able to release it tomorrow.  When that happens I’ll start on the HOLP2 pack.

BTW the migraine was caused by the vacuum cleaner dieing and spewing out some very nasty smelling fumes.  It’s dead and will soon be in bits at the local tip.

Revenge will be mine 😀

All the best