DM-Zconhd By Zelfire

An industrial ruin given over to deathmatching.  No background given.

Gameplay  24/30

Multilevel with good Z-Axis action.  Different playing styles and techniques can be used here.  Run and gun, sniper and headless chicken styles will all work well.  There is a heavy fog in the map which does hamper long range a little.  The pick-ups have been placed well but could use a little more ammo.

6 to 10 load is about right and the bots move around well and didn’t get stuck.

Performance 26/30 (Hardware)

Nice and smooth everywhere but saw quite a bit of pop-up.  Either the fog was too heavy or the cull distance was set wrong.

Eye Candy19/24

On the whole it looks good.  It has a nice derelict atmosphere.  There is also a good amount of custom meshes, most notably the burnt-out vehicles.

The lighting is OK but a little strong in places and the ambient light in certain areas is too weak.  That fog is a little too heavy as well.  Pop-up is quite visible just before the fog envelopes it.

The Details 8/15

In the game the map is listed as above but below the (non-existent) screenshot it says DM-Konstruc.  Also there is no screenshot or backstory.

Final Score 77/100

A nice map but lacking a little polish here and there.



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