DM-Quatro2 Update

31st December, 2008

I have updated DM-Quatro2 to correct an issue with the skydome not showing on the lower detail settings.  This is the only change to the map. The PS3 version is unaffected by this.


Thanks for your patience.


Whoops :)

31st December, 2008

The download link to VCTF-SkytownSE should now work.  Sorry about that.

Also if you have downloaded DM-Quatro2 and the sky is really strange then you’ll need to download the fixed version.  This will be available tomorrow.

Thanks to Odedge for pointing that out to me.

Sorry about that as well

hey I’m only human


Another Review

28th December, 2008

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a very drunk new year.

Another review of the UT3 deathmatch flavour.  Good looker but with a few problems.

DM-Zetsuen By By Jay Barnett  65/100


Also I have finally got around to cooking a PS3 version of DM-Quatro2.  Please tell me of any problems with it.

Thanks :)

11th December, 2008

I’m glad people are enjoying the reviews and also big thanks to those who have downloaded Quatro2. I hope you’re enjoying that also.

Also big thanks to hal at Beyond Unreal and RaptoR at Planet Unreal for all the news posts and pimpage.

The next map will be a VCTF with a totally new, custom theme.  I don’t want to say anything more just yet but I will keep posting updates (as well as reviews of course).

Please keep submitting the maps for review though. The one in the list will be done by this weekend.
Thanks for the support

Quatro2 Released

7th December, 2008

I’ve released Quatro2.  I changed the name from ’08 as it’s December 😀

Hope you guys like it and please throw some feedback my way.  I’m going to start on the next map tomorrow.   It’s been a good learning experience catching up with the new functions of the new Unreal engine after all these years.

Big thanks to all those you gave me feedback.  I hope I’ve remembered you all in the readme.

Download it from File Front

Download it from File Planet

(both links updated to version DM-Quatro2b)

Some screens for you.

All the best


30th November, 2008

I’ve learnt some new (to me anyway) optimizing tricks.  This will extend the release date a little.  Therefore I’ll switch to reviewing over the next few days as you guys in the queue have been patiently waiting.

Many thanks to EvilMrFrank for writing and posting this over at his site.  Really helped me gain extra fps and looks.  These are some of the tricks I was talking about.

All the best

Quatro Full Release Soon

27th November, 2008

Thanks for requesting reviews again.  I’m going to release Quatro soon so I’ll start them after that.  It’s getting close as I only have a few more things to do; sounds and a little more tweaking.

Please bear with me here.