Clean and Clear

23rd September, 2008

I decided to re-install UT3 as I had quite a few mods and maps cluttering up the directories. I also took the opportunity to get rid of the “My Documents” install shenanigans. Hourence’s FAQ has instructions on how to achieve this.  What was wrong with one directory?

I’ve noticed this becoming fashionable amongst game developers. It’s very annoying as most gaming rigs have partitioned drives. The primary being where the OS lives. The idea being that there’s no non-Windows essential files cluttering up the OS directories. Also you don’t lose everything when re-installing the OS.

The MSUC has posted a list of all the phase one winners.  Lots of custom content to grab off one page.  I personally recommend Unreal Demolition 2.  Something different yet a lot of fun.  It should also be fun to make maps for it as well.

A classic for the non-UT related link.  How many hours have you wasted on this in the past?

Till then


New Blog Site Soon

12th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

As I stated yesterday I’ll be moving this blog to WordPress. I’ve spent all evening configuring the look and widgets. Also I’ve finally managed to add Digg to it. It didn’t work properly here. I’ve searched but any help I’ve found didn’t work for me. This was one of the other reasons I wanted to change. Anyway, soon I’ll switch over, most likely this weekend if all goes well.

Not done anything to the map due to the above but the weekend looms so I’ll have a bit more time to spend on that.

Hourence has posted the results of his level designer’s survey. It makes for very interesting reading.

Sorry for the short post. The new blog will make up for it.

Till tomorrow.
btw you can leave comments, I won’t bite 😉

Up and Running

7th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

This blog is up and running now. Didn’t get much of the map done though. The UT3 scene has been stagnating of late but there are hopeful signs. A classic mod Jail Break is being developed for UT3 as is Tac Ops. The community also needs new custom stuff like meshes and textures. Hourence has created a texture pack for UT3 over at his site. There are other teams and mappers that are producing custom content.

These are all good signs but it’s still moving slowly. UT3 has great potential but it takes a long time to do anything because of the new technologies involved. It seems to be a common misconception that you need to know Maya or 3DMax, this isn’t true from a mapping point of view. It does make things a bit easier though. I don’t know how to use any other 3D software other than UED. I know I should but it takes time. One day eh 🙂

Another problem is that there aren’t many sites that review maps and skins. In the days of the original UT there were almost too many sites. This made for a great community and a very encouraging environment. The big review sites such as Nalicity are no longer around for whatever reason. I really hope this changes. If I could code I probably would run a review site.

Here’s hoping.

I might have some new screens tomorrow so I’ll post them if I can.