Map Submission

Submission Criteria

UT99, UT2K4 and UT3 all accepted.

Please do not email me your map. Use the comment function below.

Add a link where I can download the map.  Filefront, Fileplanet and BuF Fileworks are all fine. Please don’t use Rapidshare or any similar service.  Simply put, I won’t review it if I have to register or pay for the download (I already have a file planet account). File front is my recommendation. You get your own file management micro site and an unlimited amount of storage for free.

I will review them in the order that they are posted below. It will be reviewed as a final release regardless of whether or not it has “Beta” or “0.X” in the title.

Don’t worry about including screenshots as I will take them myself to complement the review. If there are any problems with the map (dead links, crashes UT3, etc), I will email the author and remove it from the list.

Maps must work on a standard install of the game with the latest patch applied.  If additional patches, drivers or files are needed these must be either included or stated in the readme.  The map will be reviewed as is.

As of the 12th of December ’08, UT99 maps will be reviewed using updated custom OpenGL renderers.  These are available here.  Thanks Charon.

As of the 19th of December ’08, I will not be accepting cube maps or ones decorated with clan tags.  Maps do need to be for general release.

Map Packs

As of the 5th of December 08 I have changed the review system slightly.  This does not apply to packs reviewed on or before this date.  The averaged score can have points deducted for reasons such as incomplete pack readmes.  When I do adjust the final score clear reasons will be given.  This is to cover eventualities such as good maps in a poorly collated or documented pack.  This is to make it fairer on the authors and allow me to give better feedback.

One map at a time please.

If you post more than one I’ll only review the first one and ignore the others you’ve posted.

If your submission doesn’t show straight away Akismet has filtered it thinking it’s spam.  It holds it for me to approve.  Try to avoid too many links.  All subs are ordered by the time they’re received even if it’s held for approval.

An email isn’t necessary to submit a map but it would be helpful.

The queue has moved. Please sub your maps here at the new site


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