Doors Are Open

28th September, 2008

UT Unlimited is back in business.  I’m now accepting map submissions.  Just UT3 maps at the moment but I will be expanding.  Please read the submission criteria. I will be looking for extra reviewers and mods very shortly.   I’ll be posting a “help needed” page up soon.  Even though I’ve not sorted that bit out yet, If you’re interested then sling me an email or post a message.

I have also added some forums. These can be found here as well as on the right.  Normal forum rules apply but I am pretty liberal.  Just chill and be cool to each other.

Plus I have written the first UT3 map review of the site.  It’s been out a while now but it gets the ball rolling and it’s pretty good.

DM-Prypiat by Ed Duke-Cox 77/100

This is not the final look for UTU.  Hunter is still working on the site.  That will be hosted elsewhere but for now this is a fully functional map review site with forums.

Enjoy, it’s good to be back



The First of Many (I Hope)

5th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

I felt I needed somewhere to devlog what I’m doing with UED4. Also somewhere to talk about the gaming culture in general. Bear with me as I settle in to the new site.

I’ve added links to my old maps. These link directly to the map’s Filefront download page. There you’ll be able to see screenshots and comment on them as well if you want.

The map I’m working on at the moment is DM-Quatro08 for UT3. It’s an updated version of one of my old maps for the original UT.