Quatro Beta 2 Released

22nd November, 2008

I’ve fixed the lighting issues etc but i still need some feedback.  you can leave some here or over at the Beyond Unreal Forums


Reviews next and they should be up by Sunday or Monday.

Thank you


Moving Soon

21st November, 2008

Within the next few days I’ll start moving the site to Beyond Unreal. It’ll be a little while before you’ll see anything though.

Also the next beta will be ready soon and I’ll try and do some reviews as well this weekend.

Busy 😀

More Reviews Soon

15th November, 2008

I’ve been catching up with the queue and there’s only one more review to write.  Once that’s done I’ll post them.

Thanks for the comments on Quatro.  There are also beta threads over at Beyond Unreal and Planet Unreal.

Keep the ideas coming 😀

Many Thanks.

Back To Normal

12th November, 2008

Glad people liked those reviews and thanks for all the feedback.

Now that those packs are done I can get back to normal reviewing.  I’ll post some more once I’ve done the three in the queue.

I have uploaded a PS3 version of Quatro for those who have a PS3 and who would like to beta test Quatro for me.  Big thanks to Ionium over at the Beyond Unreal forums.


Non UT Link – Into Final Fantasy?  A nice FF blog

Quatro09 BETA Released

12th November, 2008

I’ve decided to release the beta.  Please give me feedback on this.

Current issues i know about

  1. The Sky Dome isn’t scaled properly yet.
  2. There are two areas of concrete walkway on the top level.  These will snag.
  3. The shadows on some of the meshes aren’t quite right.  (i could do with a hand on these).

Thanks to hal again over at Beyond Unreal for posting about the reviews.

There is a difference in the name of one of the HOLP 2 maps.  Over at the HOLP 2 Page it is listed as Bonecrusher yet in game it is Bonescraper.  I’ve updated the review but any current links should still work.

Thanks to Thrallala for pointing that out.

All the best