Mod DB and UTU News

16th September, 2008

UT Unlimited now has a front page of sorts, just a temporary one at the moment.  Hunter is doing sterling work and much praise and thanks must go to him.

In addition to my last two posts I want to introduce a site, Mod DB.  This lists lots of mods released and in development for a number of games.  UT3, as well as the rest of the unreal series, being included of course.

If you still think the UT3 scene is lacking then have a look through that site.  There’s more than you think.  Plus, you’ll find that something to interest you.

Till then


UTU News

13th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

I’ve been offered hosting for UT Unlimited. Hunter over at the Beyond Unreal site is the really cool guy who’s helping me resurrect UTU. Why not visit his blog and say thanks and hi. UT99, 2k4, UT3 and GoW are games I would like to support as well as PS3. If the situation with custom content is the same for XBox 360 then that will be included as well. I will also need extra reviewers and admin. If anyone wants to help then post a message.

I found this unusual gaming news site. GameTab. Huge amount links to gaming news across all formats. Also how about a game related bookmark/blog site? GameBlogs. Not sure about the colour though 😀

Did some more to the map and finished a small section mesh-wise. I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out so far. More screens soon.

Till then.