Servers Are Back

14th September, 2008

Well most are.

The exploit was a memory call within the unreal server code (I know nothing about programming by the way :D). The guy has now released two unofficial patches for server admins. One for 2k4 (Windows only at the moment) and for UT3 (both Linux and Windows).  Those files are posted at the guy’s site.  He seems to find these exploits, have his fun for a day or so then release patches plugging the holes.  I wonder if he realises or cares about the damage he does?  I doubt it.

More finalists of the Make Something Unreal Contest have been announced.  This list has been posted here originally over at Beyond Unreal.  I’ve C&P’ed for those to lazy to go there :D.
The Best Game Type finalists:

The Best Game Type honorable mentions:

The Best Tool finalists:

Best Tool honorable mention:

The Best Use of Physics finalists:

Best Mutator honorable mentions (Best Mutator finalists were announced earlier this week):

Who says the UT3  scene’s dead 😀


UT Servers Under Attack ?!

13th September, 2008

According to this thread over at Beyond Unreal forums, there’s some guy who has found security exploits in UT2k4 and UT3’s net code.  He/She can shut down servers seemingly at will.  This guy is well known for finding exploits and then telling everyone about them.  Everyone apart from the game developers.  This one seems to be a big one though. People are reporting servers crashing all over the master server list.  This guy’s ip address is on everyone of them, simultaneously.

Has anyone heard anything about that or can verify it in anyway?

How do you like the new look?  I’d appreciate any opinions on it.  I want to start posting a little earlier to allow more time with the map.   I know that one of my old maps, CTF-Cyber, is missing from the maps page.  I’ll fix that soon.

Thanks to Cosmix for posting a comment and giving encouragement. That makes it worth while. Thanks

Till then