Another UT2k4 Review

27th January, 2009

Like the buses; none for ages then two come along at once.  This Onslaught map has a twist that is worth a look.

ONS-Tank Fight By The Savant 75/100


Some of you may know that UT3 is due a big update.  Go here to read the huge list of changes posted at Beyond Unreal.  Looking forward to this as it should bring people back to UT3.  That should mean more mappers and new custom stuff will follow.

Fingers crossed


A New Review

25th January, 2009

A rare UT2k4 map.  Not a bad one too.  Keep them coming in.

DM-Zconhd By Zelfire 77/100


All the best


16th January, 2009

I hope that says “hello” in Russian.  Babel fish can be a little random at times.

There is an excellent Russian UT site that posts  news covering all of the Unreal flavours.  They also translate a lot of the English Unreal news so if your mother tongue is Russian why not give them a visit.  I’ve added a link in the links page as well.   Big respect to Miguelon (admin of for being so reasonable and friendly.

They also translated a review of mine “CTF-Eurus“.

All the best

Перевод Babelfish

Я надеюсь который говорит ” hello” в русском. Babelfish может быть немногой случайным временами.

Превосходное место русского UT те новости столбов покрывая все нереальные флейворы. Они также переводят много английские нереальные новости так если ваш родной язык русск почему не дать им посещение. I’ ve добавил соединение в странице соединений также. Большое уважение к Miguelon (admin для быть настолько разумна и содружественна.

Они также перевели просмотрение ” шахты; CTF-Eurus”.

Все самое лучшее


Another New UT3 Review

15th January, 2009

More UT3 goodness for you with Luv_Studd’s latest.  It’s a bit nice 😀

DM-Churn][ By Luv_Studd 90/100


There still hasn’t been a UT3 Warfare map submitted by the way.  I’m sure someone out there will change that soon.

Have a good one.


UT3 Map Review

12th January, 2009

CTF flavour today.  Urban and industrial and very damp.

CTF-Eurus By Cooloola 79/100



More Reviews

8th January, 2009

Two more UT99 deathmatch maps for you.

DM-CrescentSun By Swanky 93/100


DM-1on1-Virg’Vithalus By 2’Face 71/100



2 New Reviews

5th January, 2009

Two really nice UT99 maps.  These two have been around a while but it’s great to see them again.

DM-Decifer By Platinum 92/100


DM-1on1-Revenge By Platinum 91/100


I know I don’t usually review more than one map from the same author but there was no other maps in the list.

That means you guys need to get submitting maps.

All the best