DM-Churn][ By Luv_Studd

A Necris themed Deathmatch map.  No background story given.

Gameplay 28/30

The layout is old skool purist.  So much so that it reminds me of the old Quake feel.  It’s that pure and, as a result, it flows like water.  But it also feels and looks essentially UT3.  Not so stripped down as to feel like a HOLP map but also not cluttered and confusing.   This has a good mix of playing styles primarily Z-Axis and long and short range fighting.

Bots will give a you a good run for your money but the player count is stated at 2 to 6.  This map is a little big for dueling.  Four to six would be more suitable.  I didn’t spot any bots getting confused anywhere.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Very good and smooth throughout.  35 to 40 and sometimes nearer fifties.  Rarely did it drop below 35 and I didn’t notice any slowdowns.

Eye Candy 21/25

Although there is no new custom content what is here has been well used.  The mesh work and texturing is to a high standard and very neatly applied.  The lighting is good except with some of the light beams.  The ones emanating from light fixtures seem overly bright and big for the light source.  The sun light shining through the iron work on one exterior wall seems a little strange.  A blemish on an otherwise good looking map.

The Details 13/15

No background but everything else is here

Final Score 90/100

A great map with excellent gameplay and flow.  Although nothing new visually it does look good and runs well.



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