So far, So Good.

2nd October, 2008

Most people seem to like the reviews so far and they’ll be a couple more over the next couple of days as well.  Thanks to hal at Beyond Unreal and RaptoR at Planet Unreal for the supportive news posts.  also big thanks to all the other news sites and supporters who’ve spread the word.

I have been undecided as to whether or not to review UT99 and 2k4 maps as well.  Then I thought it wouldn’t be “Unlimited” if I didn’t.  I’ll still review them in the order they’re posted regardless of game.  If the queue gets too long then I’ll ask for help.  You can apply to be a reviewer anytime by the way.

I’ve added RSS feed to the right and you can also get updates via email as well if you want.

The forums are still looking a little bare and empty. ;D

Again, thanks for all the support.  With your help this site will go from strength to strength.

Till then

Non UT Related link.  Physics/robotic puzzler. Get the old grey matter going.