On To The Next

29th September, 2008

People seem to like that review and that’s obviously a good thing. I’ll post another one over he next two days or sooner. I’ll try to do as many as possible. In answer to Cosmix’s comment on the review, the maps will be reviewed on a per map basis. In otherwords they won’t be compared to each other and then scored. The reason for this is because there are many aspects that a map can succeed and fail on. If you want to give your own score when commenting please do. I know you can’t rate maps yet but you will be able to in the future. If I can I’ll add them when I can add the comment rating system to the reviews.  Performance rating is, of course, depended on hardware.  Check the hardware page too see if your rig is higher or lower spec than mine.  That should give you an idea.  If anyone has a better way of doing this please say.

Big thanks by the way to Cosmix and MinisterFish as they have supported this site from the beginning.  I thrive on feedback like that.  It’s so valuable to the site.

On the right side I’ve added a “Recent Reviews” list and I’ve also added a vacancy page.  If you fancy helping out here at UTU then please read that to see how you can.

Everyone go fill the forum up with stuff.

Till then

Non UT related link. This will either sooth a troubled mind or cure boredom for five minutes.