Doors Are Open

UT Unlimited is back in business.  I’m now accepting map submissions.  Just UT3 maps at the moment but I will be expanding.  Please read the submission criteria. I will be looking for extra reviewers and mods very shortly.   I’ll be posting a “help needed” page up soon.  Even though I’ve not sorted that bit out yet, If you’re interested then sling me an email or post a message.

I have also added some forums. These can be found here as well as on the right.  Normal forum rules apply but I am pretty liberal.  Just chill and be cool to each other.

Plus I have written the first UT3 map review of the site.  It’s been out a while now but it gets the ball rolling and it’s pretty good.

DM-Prypiat by Ed Duke-Cox 77/100

This is not the final look for UTU.  Hunter is still working on the site.  That will be hosted elsewhere but for now this is a fully functional map review site with forums.

Enjoy, it’s good to be back



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