Another UT2k4 Review

27th January, 2009

Like the buses; none for ages then two come along at once.  This Onslaught map has a twist that is worth a look.

ONS-Tank Fight By The Savant 75/100


Some of you may know that UT3 is due a big update.  Go here to read the huge list of changes posted at Beyond Unreal.  Looking forward to this as it should bring people back to UT3.  That should mean more mappers and new custom stuff will follow.

Fingers crossed


Another New UT3 Review

15th January, 2009

More UT3 goodness for you with Luv_Studd’s latest.  It’s a bit nice 😀

DM-Churn][ By Luv_Studd 90/100


There still hasn’t been a UT3 Warfare map submitted by the way.  I’m sure someone out there will change that soon.

Have a good one.


UT3 Map Review

12th January, 2009

CTF flavour today.  Urban and industrial and very damp.

CTF-Eurus By Cooloola 79/100




11th January, 2009

They’ve come round again.  There are numerous categories but one I want to draw your attention to is the best unreleased mod.  The mod in question is Tactical Assault.  Remember Tac Ops on UT99?  Imagine that on the UT3 engine.

They need your mouse click on their ModDB page and you should also pop over to the TA site to see all the progress they’ve been making.

One New Review

23rd December, 2008

Just one UT3 reveiw at the moment.  A very pretty VCTF map but it is tough on the hardware.

VCTF-SkytownSE – By Squiggles 77/100


Hope you guys all have a great Christmas and cracking new year.

Cheers for your support since launch.  Over 31,000 hits and 56 maps reviewed (including the above).

Long may it continue.

Merry Christmas.

New Reviews

5th December, 2008

I have updated the map submission form and review scheme with additional information.   This is regarding map packs mainly but also covers single submissions.

A map pack five UT99 maps and two, single UT3 maps for your reading pleasure.

Two single releases

80/100 CTF-Facingworlds2 By UTGangster


53/100 DM-1on1-Spliff By Kamil R


Fate of Time 5 Map Pack from the Timewarp Crew.

92/100 CTF-FoT-Selket By Swanky


91/100 AS-FoT-Chronoshift By Revelation


89/100 CTF-FoT-OrionsCursePart2 By Fragnbrag


87/100 DM-FoT-Adenora By Aalexanderrr


82/100 DM-FoT-Arken By GTD-Carthage


Enjoy and remember to give the authors plenty of feedback.



30th November, 2008

I’ve learnt some new (to me anyway) optimizing tricks.  This will extend the release date a little.  Therefore I’ll switch to reviewing over the next few days as you guys in the queue have been patiently waiting.

Many thanks to EvilMrFrank for writing and posting this over at his site.  Really helped me gain extra fps and looks.  These are some of the tricks I was talking about.

All the best