Review Responses

17th December, 2008

The two (ASS) maps have received quite a few responses on various forums.  Almost all liking the reviews especially the guy who submitted them in the first place, (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve.  He seems to have got a lot of grief from fellow clan members for doing this but only out of a love for UT and his clan.  I think he has a really sound attitude to the whole thing.  It is just a game and having a sense of humour is vital for anything involving the net.

When a map is submitted it gets reviewed as a standard map.  This is stated, very clearly, in the Map Submission page.  If the map requires a mod to run correctly then it won’t play well when run normally.  Therefore it will probably receive a bad review.  There are no categories for mods or TCs yet.  Very little interest in reviewing maps for anything other than the vanilla UTs have been expressed to me.  Traditionally, clan maps don’t do well on review sites due to the insular nature of clan servers.  Maps created for these environments tend to be very specialised.  It’s like reviewing a Ferrari’s off-road capabilities and wondering why it scores much lower than a Landrover.

If only everyone had a passion for UT like (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve has then maybe the servers would be fuller rather than full forums full of whining about how UT is on its way out.

All the best


Reviews Tomorrow

16th November, 2008

They’re written and ready to post but I don’t have time to organise that yet.  Remember that you can also submit UT2k4 and UT99 maps.  The list is currently empty.

That means I will have time to get Quatro into shape.  Big thanks to all those who have given me feedback on this.  You really helped.

All the best.

DM-Quatro08 Progress

23rd October, 2008

I thought I might post some screenshots of quatro08.  Haven’t posted any in a while and I’ve been working on it.  It’s very much a work in progress but it’s coming together.  I’ve tried not to over use the meshes yet still keep the UT3 look and Quatro feel.

This site recently went passed the 10,000 hit mark.  Big thanks to all those who have visited and keep coming back.  I’ll keep those reviews coming.  I still need feedback on the site or any part of it.  Please post comments are use the polls.  It really helps

Till then

CBP3 Vol2 Reviews

20th October, 2008

Click here to have a read and see what you think.  The pack is a collection of top quality custom content.  Download the pack and have a read whilst you’re waiting.

OK, here is the list of the maps and the scores each one received.  The links will take you to the individual reviews.

88/100 – CTF-CBP3-Agonas By Raz And Sjosz

91/100 – CTF-CBP3-Arean By KaMi

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Krodan By Hourences

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Morgoth By Monger

89/100 – CTF-CBP3-TheExcavation By Plutonic

92/100 – CTF-CBP3-Vengeance By N3odoc

86/100 – DM-CBP3-Decay By EvilMrFrank

88/100 – DM-CBP3-Solar By KaMi

90/100 – DM-CBP3-Thor By N3odoc

86/100 – WAR-CBP3-Meditation By MozI

I’m going to take a break from reviewing for a day or so.  I’ll still update as normal though.

Also if you look along the page bar you see a new links page.  Yeh I know it’s oldskool but it does clear the front page up a bit.  Also you can submit a link if you want.  Follow the simple guidelines there and you should have no problems

Till then

Non UT related link: Base jumping java style

Holp 2 Released

22nd September, 2008

For those who like things very simple this should interest you. It’s the second incarnation of the HOLP series of map packs. HOLP, by the way, stands for (deep breath) “Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly”. If you liked the first then you’ll love this.

Not really my cup of tea though. It’s seems a little too low poly for me but I’ll give it a go all the same.  I’ll tell you tomorrow what I think.
Grab it here if you want it.

Might be moving to the new site soon. 😉

Non-UT related link time.  Do you have a Ninja Finger????

Ouch My Head Hurts.

21st September, 2008

Sorry there’s not much of a post today.  I have a nasty headache.

There’s a nice thread developing over at the Beyond Unreal Forums.  That should keep your UT3 map hunger satisfied for a while.

Til then

New Custom Stuff

20th September, 2008

More new extra stuff for UT3 over at the official forums.  I’m downloading the Gears of War character pack for example.  It’s nice to see more new content for UT3. I’ll list links to relevant sections here.

Full Releases

User Maps & Mods

Gears of War Pack

I told you there would be some.  Trouble is there’s no site where all this content can be focused.  I hope UTU can play that role.

Who remembers MinisterFish?  Well he can be found here at the Smiley Face Killers clan forums.  Go over and say hello.

Non-UT link today is silly inventions. Weird? 😀