Moving Soon

28th January, 2009

The move to Beyond Unreal has started.

This means I can do a lot more with the site such as proper user ratings etc.

Plus UTU will have it’s own BU forums.

More to follow.



Another UT2k4 Review

27th January, 2009

Like the buses; none for ages then two come along at once.  This Onslaught map has a twist that is worth a look.

ONS-Tank Fight By The Savant 75/100


Some of you may know that UT3 is due a big update.  Go here to read the huge list of changes posted at Beyond Unreal.  Looking forward to this as it should bring people back to UT3.  That should mean more mappers and new custom stuff will follow.

Fingers crossed


21st January, 2009

Where have you guys gone?

I can’t review maps unless they’re submitted.  This site will die without maps to review and I have been given the OK to be hosted by Beyond Unreal.

I’ve got involved with Unreal evolution.  This project is trying to achieve something similar to Unreal Source.  We are re-doing Unreal in UT3 clothes.  It’s started but can always do with some help. Your first port of call if you’re interested is this thread.

All welcome.


Reviews Soon

4th January, 2009

I will have a couple of reviews ready soon.  Hopefully within the next couple of days.

Sir_Brizz over at Beyond Unreal posted an announcement over at BU forums recently.  In it he explains the recent down time.  It’s good to see the old UT stalwart is still going.

I mean the site not Sir_Brizz of course.


Beyond Unreal ….Gone??

3rd January, 2009

Shouldn’t think so but it does seem to have gone off-line.  Hopefully that isn’t permanent.

If you need a forum to chat in in the mean time you could try UTU’s rather empty forums.

they need filling with…er wit

Seriously though I hope BU re-surface.

Thanks :)

11th December, 2008

I’m glad people are enjoying the reviews and also big thanks to those who have downloaded Quatro2. I hope you’re enjoying that also.

Also big thanks to hal at Beyond Unreal and RaptoR at Planet Unreal for all the news posts and pimpage.

The next map will be a VCTF with a totally new, custom theme.  I don’t want to say anything more just yet but I will keep posting updates (as well as reviews of course).

Please keep submitting the maps for review though. The one in the list will be done by this weekend.
Thanks for the support

Moving Soon

21st November, 2008

Within the next few days I’ll start moving the site to Beyond Unreal. It’ll be a little while before you’ll see anything though.

Also the next beta will be ready soon and I’ll try and do some reviews as well this weekend.

Busy 😀