I went on a memory trip today.  I decided to play through the original Unreal.  It still feels so atmospheric and, in a strange way, it still looks good.  Maybe it’s the rose tint that memory shades the experience with but I’m enjoying it as much as the first time.

I’d love to see it in the new engine.  I could make the levels but not the character models.  I may look into it though.  If you know of a mod team who are already doing it please tell me.

Not sure why the forums have gone.  If they don’t return soon I’ll look into it.

Should get reviews and stuff this weekend.

Till then


2 Responses to Roots

  1. MinisterFish says:

    I don’t have the original Unreal to go back through. I’m surprised that my UT disk still works. I have Unreal II and UT2003 still on disks, but UT2004 through Steam. It would be cool to go back through the original game that started it all. I did go back and start the original Half-Life ported to Source, but that’s another story for another site. 😛

    BTW, have you thought maybe starting a podcast in the near future? Maybe start the week of the one year release anniversary of UT3? Talk about your reviews and what mods are out and all the things Unreal related? Review mod and map makers? I’ll work with ya on that if you want.

  2. MinisterFish says:

    I meant interview mod and map makers. It would also be cool to interview the old school people like Hourences.

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