An Update

1st February, 2009

Just to let everyone know that I’m still working on the new site.  UT Unlimited is still very much alive.  Plenty going on behind the scenes.

Keep subbing those maps.  I haven’t forgotten about the ones currently there.  They will be done and posted on the re-launch

Thanks you for your patience



Moving Soon

28th January, 2009

The move to Beyond Unreal has started.

This means I can do a lot more with the site such as proper user ratings etc.

Plus UTU will have it’s own BU forums.

More to follow.



21st January, 2009

Where have you guys gone?

I can’t review maps unless they’re submitted.  This site will die without maps to review and I have been given the OK to be hosted by Beyond Unreal.

I’ve got involved with Unreal evolution.  This project is trying to achieve something similar to Unreal Source.  We are re-doing Unreal in UT3 clothes.  It’s started but can always do with some help. Your first port of call if you’re interested is this thread.

All welcome.


Another Review

28th December, 2008

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a very drunk new year.

Another review of the UT3 deathmatch flavour.  Good looker but with a few problems.

DM-Zetsuen By By Jay Barnett  65/100


Also I have finally got around to cooking a PS3 version of DM-Quatro2.  Please tell me of any problems with it.

New “History” Page

21st December, 2008

It’s about time I had a page like this.  If you look up you’ll see  a page called “History” (if you’ve just been looking at your ceiling then you need to see a professional).  It also gives a list and screens of my past work as well as a brief history of UTU.  It might even bring back a few memories.

Trying to get my head around UVWrapping in Blender.  I have a new level of respect for skinners and modellers.  I have managed to get a mesh with custom texture correctly aligned into UED.  Once all the surfaces are done I’ll need to learn the material editor properly.  I’m getting there and it’s always good to learn new skills.

All the best

No More Cubes Please

19th December, 2008

Unfortunately I have had to decide to not accept cube maps for review anymore.   Ironmonkey’s comment to my last post nailed it.  It’s very difficult to give a fair review within the confines of a general review site.  I know it will be an unpopular choice among certain circles but I’m doing this out of fairness to UT Unlimited as well as the people who visit the site.  Also I do not write reviews just so the clan or author can get a mention on Planet Unreal and Beyond Unreal.  This is a review site not a platform for clans to pimp themsleves.  The (ASS) map reviews that I already have posted will stay but no more please.

If someone else wants to start a review site for clan/cube maps then go for it.  There’s certainly (loads of) space in the community for one.

My main concern is for the majority of visitors and from feedback I’ve had cube maps should go.  In other words, majority rules.

Thanks for your understanding.

Review Responses

17th December, 2008

The two (ASS) maps have received quite a few responses on various forums.  Almost all liking the reviews especially the guy who submitted them in the first place, (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve.  He seems to have got a lot of grief from fellow clan members for doing this but only out of a love for UT and his clan.  I think he has a really sound attitude to the whole thing.  It is just a game and having a sense of humour is vital for anything involving the net.

When a map is submitted it gets reviewed as a standard map.  This is stated, very clearly, in the Map Submission page.  If the map requires a mod to run correctly then it won’t play well when run normally.  Therefore it will probably receive a bad review.  There are no categories for mods or TCs yet.  Very little interest in reviewing maps for anything other than the vanilla UTs have been expressed to me.  Traditionally, clan maps don’t do well on review sites due to the insular nature of clan servers.  Maps created for these environments tend to be very specialised.  It’s like reviewing a Ferrari’s off-road capabilities and wondering why it scores much lower than a Landrover.

If only everyone had a passion for UT like (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve has then maybe the servers would be fuller rather than full forums full of whining about how UT is on its way out.

All the best