Blend and Stretch

21st September, 2008

no more headache 😀

Stumble can jog your memory. Blender came up on a recent stumble.  This is an open source (and free) 3D development software that’s very similar to 3D Max etc.

What’s the relevance?

Well I intend learning this so I can create meshes for UED4.  I have a good working knowledge of Photoshop so textures shouldn’t be a problem.  Of course anything I make I’ll put up for download.  I love learning new things like this.  If I hadn’t become hooked on stumble I’d have never found it.

I’ll concentrate more on the map and get that finished but it’s nice to have a constructive distraction.

Remember that you don’t need to learn anything other than the editor to create maps.

Non-ut related link is this rather unique flash game.


UTU Site News

15th September, 2008

I received some info from Hunter that the UTU’s domain name and “space” will be ready soon. Then we can start work on putting something together. Things will happen

More finalists in the MSUC announced. Again C&P’ed from Beyond Unreal.

Best Weapon finalists:

Best Weapon honorable mention:

Unfortunately it seems that the Map Factory is dead or rather, non-existent.  The URL currently returns a “403 forbidden”.  I hope it’s only temporary.

Non UT related but funny.  try this page for a laugh.  I found it through Stumbleupon. I’m really liking that.  I know it’s been around a while but it’s the first time for me.  I was stuck in a rut of only visiting a few sites.  Broaden your virtual horizons.:D

Till then
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