Where have you guys gone?

I can’t review maps unless they’re submitted.  This site will die without maps to review and I have been given the OK to be hosted by Beyond Unreal.

I’ve got involved with Unreal evolution.  This project is trying to achieve something similar to Unreal Source.  We are re-doing Unreal in UT3 clothes.  It’s started but can always do with some help. Your first port of call if you’re interested is this thread.

All welcome.



5 Responses to Maps???

  1. zelfire says:

    Do you still review ut2004 maps? if so id like to submit some of mine.

  2. Firefly says:

    yes. UT99, 2k4 and UT3

  3. IronMonkey says:

    I had been meaning to suggest this – why not run a few reviews of favourite old maps. I’m sure that you could solicit suggestions from old and new timers. A number of people will have come into Unreal, UT & UT2004 through the release of UA and its availability on Steam. They probably will not know of some classics that really should be brought to their attention. Sure, there probably will be a review somewhere on NaliCity but who is going to read over several years of reviews to find something (if they even know about NaliCity)?

    I have a couple of suggestions for maps that I will post in a later comment (i.e. once I’ve confirmed the filenames.)

    I have been working on a UT2004 version of a UT 5-brushes map which I will submit once finished. I trust that 5 brushes is sufficiently above the cube/1 brush restriction? 🙂

  4. Firefly says:

    Good point. I had forgotten about UA
    I hope to be moving to beyond unreal soon. so I’ll have a re-launch then and things should kick off again.

    It has gone very quiet though

  5. zelfire says:

    map submitted right i think, thanks for a review if do !!

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