Extreme Mapping Competition

5th October, 2008

This thread over at the Beyond Unreal forums lays out the rules for a good competition.  Focusing on originality but based around 1 on 1 style of play.  Check it out if you fancy a challenge.

At the time of writing this two maps have been subbed.  I’ve finished one review but I’ll wait until I’ve done the other before I post them.  That should be tomorrow or the day after.  I want to spend the rest of today working on quatro.

Again big thanks to hal over at Beyond Unreal for pimping this site.  I sent the news to Planet but nothing as of yet.  The stats for this site show that the community is still around.  Communities build communities not single people.  It will become as strong as you make it.

More big thanks to the people who have given me feed back.  So vital in this community.  Not from an ego point of view but simply if no-one gives feedback then you guys don’t get the sites and maps you want.  Epic may have missed the mark but that doesn’t mean we, as a community, will.  UT3 is a great engine that’s capable of some amazing stuff.

Till Then

Non-UT related link.  Be a hired hitman in stickman world.


Clean and Clear

23rd September, 2008

I decided to re-install UT3 as I had quite a few mods and maps cluttering up the directories. I also took the opportunity to get rid of the “My Documents” install shenanigans. Hourence’s FAQ has instructions on how to achieve this.  What was wrong with one directory?

I’ve noticed this becoming fashionable amongst game developers. It’s very annoying as most gaming rigs have partitioned drives. The primary being where the OS lives. The idea being that there’s no non-Windows essential files cluttering up the OS directories. Also you don’t lose everything when re-installing the OS.

The MSUC has posted a list of all the phase one winners.  Lots of custom content to grab off one page.  I personally recommend Unreal Demolition 2.  Something different yet a lot of fun.  It should also be fun to make maps for it as well.

A classic for the non-UT related link.  How many hours have you wasted on this in the past?

Till then

UT Sever Probs .. again

19th September, 2008

Apparently it seems that UT servers are being shot down again.   Visit this thread over at the official forums for more info.

The Quatro08’s really coming on and the end is in site.  Hopefully more screens over the next few days.

I’m also trying to come up with an interesting competition to open the new site with.  Won’t say anything now for obvious reasons.

Not much else has happened since yesterday.

Non-UT related link of the day is this trippy puzzle.

Till then

UTU Site News

15th September, 2008

I received some info from Hunter that the UTU’s domain name and “space” will be ready soon. Then we can start work on putting something together. Things will happen

More finalists in the MSUC announced. Again C&P’ed from Beyond Unreal.

Best Weapon finalists:

Best Weapon honorable mention:

Unfortunately it seems that the Map Factory is dead or rather, non-existent.  The URL currently returns a “403 forbidden”.  I hope it’s only temporary.

Non UT related but funny.  try this page for a laugh.  I found it through Stumbleupon. I’m really liking that.  I know it’s been around a while but it’s the first time for me.  I was stuck in a rut of only visiting a few sites.  Broaden your virtual horizons.:D

Till then
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Remember the Mapping Competitions?

10th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

I remember one where the map had to be kept inside a 1024 cubed box. There was another where only a certain number of textures were used. I’ve been thinking of running some competitions. The prize wouldn’t be much. Pimpage all around the community which is still fairly wide by the way. I’ve checked my referrals. Several news sites have passed the news that I’m trying to restart UTU. My point is, the community is still alive and in several different languages :D.

I’m finding that Blogger, though good, is a bit limited. Soon I’ll be moving to WordPress. It can handle separate pages and is Digg friendly. Blogger is a bit tricky when it comes to stuff like that. This will make it feel more like a site rather than a blog. I’m hoping that I will be able to start posting reviews. The WordPress dashboard is not the clearest in the world but beatable :D. It’s more versatile generally. Untill everything is ready though I’ll stick here. Plans for a main UTU site are still very much on.

Progress on the map is still happening. Nothing worth taking screenshots of yet. I’ll probably wait until I’ve started the lighting.

I’ve found some new Custom models for UT3. Warhammer 40K + Warfare, oh yeah. Now if only someone would mod the vehicles to match. 😀

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