New “History” Page

21st December, 2008

It’s about time I had a page like this.  If you look up you’ll see  a page called “History” (if you’ve just been looking at your ceiling then you need to see a professional).  It also gives a list and screens of my past work as well as a brief history of UTU.  It might even bring back a few memories.

Trying to get my head around UVWrapping in Blender.  I have a new level of respect for skinners and modellers.  I have managed to get a mesh with custom texture correctly aligned into UED.  Once all the surfaces are done I’ll need to learn the material editor properly.  I’m getting there and it’s always good to learn new skills.

All the best


CBP3 Vol2 Reviews

20th October, 2008

Click here to have a read and see what you think.  The pack is a collection of top quality custom content.  Download the pack and have a read whilst you’re waiting.

OK, here is the list of the maps and the scores each one received.  The links will take you to the individual reviews.

88/100 – CTF-CBP3-Agonas By Raz And Sjosz

91/100 – CTF-CBP3-Arean By KaMi

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Krodan By Hourences

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Morgoth By Monger

89/100 – CTF-CBP3-TheExcavation By Plutonic

92/100 – CTF-CBP3-Vengeance By N3odoc

86/100 – DM-CBP3-Decay By EvilMrFrank

88/100 – DM-CBP3-Solar By KaMi

90/100 – DM-CBP3-Thor By N3odoc

86/100 – WAR-CBP3-Meditation By MozI

I’m going to take a break from reviewing for a day or so.  I’ll still update as normal though.

Also if you look along the page bar you see a new links page.  Yeh I know it’s oldskool but it does clear the front page up a bit.  Also you can submit a link if you want.  Follow the simple guidelines there and you should have no problems

Till then

Non UT related link: Base jumping java style

New UT3 Models

19th October, 2008

In fact there’s lots of new stuff coming out recently.  It’s hard to keep up with everything.  Plus the community is beginning to get that spark back.  People are beginning to re-install UT3 and finding it fun with all the new stuff.

The new models can be found over at Skin City.  You can find other skin and model related stuff for UT3 there as well.  Check out this shot of EvilEngine’s latest.

How about NeoDuck’s recent map?  WAR-Tropico

I haven’t played it yet but I plan on doing so.  Time to fall in love with UT3. 😀

The reviews are coming on and I should be able to post the CBPM3 Vol2 reviews soon.

Till then

Voting Rights

16th October, 2008

You’ve probably noticed the poll on the right hand side.  I’ve also added one to each review.  This allows you to rate the map (preferably after you’ve played it).

I’ve got stuck into the reviews of the CBP3 Vol 2 Pack.  I’m giving each map a full review and then I will give an overall score of the pack with an honorable mention of the models.

The guys over at Runestorm have released a great model pack for UT3.  These are really high quality and I would urge you to download them now.  They have also done other work for UT3.

Fancy some Gears of War objects and meshes to use for you next level design project?  Well now you can.  Over on this thread at BU forums, UX.Loki has managed to convert the assets from Gears of War so they can be used in UT3.  I think we can look forward to some more variety in the maps.

Told you things will get better 🙂

Till then

New Custom Stuff

20th September, 2008

More new extra stuff for UT3 over at the official forums.  I’m downloading the Gears of War character pack for example.  It’s nice to see more new content for UT3. I’ll list links to relevant sections here.

Full Releases

User Maps & Mods

Gears of War Pack

I told you there would be some.  Trouble is there’s no site where all this content can be focused.  I hope UTU can play that role.

Who remembers MinisterFish?  Well he can be found here at the Smiley Face Killers clan forums.  Go over and say hello.

Non-UT link today is silly inventions. Weird? 😀

Remember the Mapping Competitions?

10th September, 2008

(originally posted at my old blog)

I remember one where the map had to be kept inside a 1024 cubed box. There was another where only a certain number of textures were used. I’ve been thinking of running some competitions. The prize wouldn’t be much. Pimpage all around the community which is still fairly wide by the way. I’ve checked my referrals. Several news sites have passed the news that I’m trying to restart UTU. My point is, the community is still alive and in several different languages :D.

I’m finding that Blogger, though good, is a bit limited. Soon I’ll be moving to WordPress. It can handle separate pages and is Digg friendly. Blogger is a bit tricky when it comes to stuff like that. This will make it feel more like a site rather than a blog. I’m hoping that I will be able to start posting reviews. The WordPress dashboard is not the clearest in the world but beatable :D. It’s more versatile generally. Untill everything is ready though I’ll stick here. Plans for a main UTU site are still very much on.

Progress on the map is still happening. Nothing worth taking screenshots of yet. I’ll probably wait until I’ve started the lighting.

I’ve found some new Custom models for UT3. Warhammer 40K + Warfare, oh yeah. Now if only someone would mod the vehicles to match. 😀

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