Unreal in UT3 Clothes

9th January, 2009

This could become a reality.  Think of it as Unreal Source, only better.  If you’re interested in helping with this then please head on over to this thread posted at the Beyond Unreal forums.  All skill sets required level designers, coders, texture artists, modellers, musicians etc.  Even if you have no skills, ideas are always welcome as is feedback.

Quite a few people are already coming up with ideas on this.  It’s a big project but it will be worth it to see Unreal in UT3’s excellent engine.


Tactical Assault (aka Tac Ops) Update

29th October, 2008

Over at the tac o…er I mean Tactical Assault site, Angrypenguin posted the October update.  This classic mod is already looking very sweet and I can’t wait to play it and make a map r two for it.  I loved tac ops on the original UT.  Under the new engine this TC should rock.

Visit the site as they have a huge amount of media for people to look through.  This is a very active development team and worthy of your support.  The link is also on the links page as well.

I’m still on track with the reviews and quatro08.  Thanks for the feed back, always welcome.

More soon

All the best

Good Stuff

14th October, 2008

Thanks to Beyond Unreal again for their support.  I’m glad people are liking the reviews.  More are on the way soon.  Remember you can submit your own and comment on the ones already there.

There is a large UT3 guide posted by RoninMastaFX over at the Beyond Unreal Forums.  If you’ve been having problems then check this out.

If making maps for the standard UT3 doesn’t appeal, why not map for a mod.  The ModDB and the Mod Centre have loads listed.  Find one you like and go for it.  There’s loads of help out there.

Till then

Non UT related link.  Suprisingly tricky

Reviews On The Way

12th October, 2008

I’m currently in the process of writing some reviews. and will post them within the next day or so.  There has been some quality releases recently.  People seem to be getting to grips with the new engine.  Hourence’s The Ball: Oztoc and The Haunted are the two more original mods of late.  Try them both out.

The Ball: Oztoc By Hourance

The Haunted By Hegi

Why not give mapping a go?  Go on try it.  Just set your sights on simple achievements at first and build on them slowly.  It is a steep learning curve especially with the new engine but the results are worth it.  Remember it’s not a race.  Unreal will be around for a long time yet.

Speaking of which it’s the 10 year anniversary coming up.  Way not make something for UT3 community to celebrate.

I might have even finished Quatro by then 😀

Till then

Clean and Clear

23rd September, 2008

I decided to re-install UT3 as I had quite a few mods and maps cluttering up the directories. I also took the opportunity to get rid of the “My Documents” install shenanigans. Hourence’s FAQ has instructions on how to achieve this.  What was wrong with one directory?

I’ve noticed this becoming fashionable amongst game developers. It’s very annoying as most gaming rigs have partitioned drives. The primary being where the OS lives. The idea being that there’s no non-Windows essential files cluttering up the OS directories. Also you don’t lose everything when re-installing the OS.

The MSUC has posted a list of all the phase one winners.  Lots of custom content to grab off one page.  I personally recommend Unreal Demolition 2.  Something different yet a lot of fun.  It should also be fun to make maps for it as well.

A classic for the non-UT related link.  How many hours have you wasted on this in the past?

Till then

UTU Site News

15th September, 2008

I received some info from Hunter that the UTU’s domain name and “space” will be ready soon. Then we can start work on putting something together. Things will happen

More finalists in the MSUC announced. Again C&P’ed from Beyond Unreal.

Best Weapon finalists:

Best Weapon honorable mention:

Unfortunately it seems that the Map Factory is dead or rather, non-existent.  The URL currently returns a “403 forbidden”.  I hope it’s only temporary.

Non UT related but funny.  try this page for a laugh.  I found it through Stumbleupon. I’m really liking that.  I know it’s been around a while but it’s the first time for me.  I was stuck in a rut of only visiting a few sites.  Broaden your virtual horizons.:D

Till then
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Servers Are Back

14th September, 2008

Well most are.

The exploit was a memory call within the unreal server code (I know nothing about programming by the way :D). The guy has now released two unofficial patches for server admins. One for 2k4 (Windows only at the moment) and for UT3 (both Linux and Windows).  Those files are posted at the guy’s site.  He seems to find these exploits, have his fun for a day or so then release patches plugging the holes.  I wonder if he realises or cares about the damage he does?  I doubt it.

More finalists of the Make Something Unreal Contest have been announced.  This list has been posted here originally over at Beyond Unreal.  I’ve C&P’ed for those to lazy to go there :D.
The Best Game Type finalists:

The Best Game Type honorable mentions:

The Best Tool finalists:

Best Tool honorable mention:

The Best Use of Physics finalists:

Best Mutator honorable mentions (Best Mutator finalists were announced earlier this week):

Who says the UT3  scene’s dead 😀