No More Cubes Please

19th December, 2008

Unfortunately I have had to decide to not accept cube maps for review anymore.   Ironmonkey’s comment to my last post nailed it.  It’s very difficult to give a fair review within the confines of a general review site.  I know it will be an unpopular choice among certain circles but I’m doing this out of fairness to UT Unlimited as well as the people who visit the site.  Also I do not write reviews just so the clan or author can get a mention on Planet Unreal and Beyond Unreal.  This is a review site not a platform for clans to pimp themsleves.  The (ASS) map reviews that I already have posted will stay but no more please.

If someone else wants to start a review site for clan/cube maps then go for it.  There’s certainly (loads of) space in the community for one.

My main concern is for the majority of visitors and from feedback I’ve had cube maps should go.  In other words, majority rules.

Thanks for your understanding.