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8th January, 2009

Two more UT99 deathmatch maps for you.

DM-CrescentSun By Swanky 93/100


DM-1on1-Virg’Vithalus By 2’Face 71/100




2 New Reviews

5th January, 2009

Two really nice UT99 maps.  These two have been around a while but it’s great to see them again.

DM-Decifer By Platinum 92/100


DM-1on1-Revenge By Platinum 91/100


I know I don’t usually review more than one map from the same author but there was no other maps in the list.

That means you guys need to get submitting maps.

All the best


New Review

12th December, 2008

Only one review today.  DM-Artiphycial for UT99.  Keep submitting those maps guys.  I can’t review what isn’t there.  Please fill up that queue. 😀

DM-Artiphycial By 2’face 81/100


After a conversation with Charon in the comments section of DM-FoT-Arken I have decided to take his/her advice and use the OpenGL drivers to review the maps.  I have also updated the map submission page to reflect this.  Modern UT99 maps need these to run properly.  I’ll also make a comment about how it runs under the default renderers.

The drivers are here and I’m using version utglr34.  They really improve the looks and performance on modern machines.

Thanks to Charon for this.

All the best

New Reviews

5th December, 2008

I have updated the map submission form and review scheme with additional information.   This is regarding map packs mainly but also covers single submissions.

A map pack five UT99 maps and two, single UT3 maps for your reading pleasure.

Two single releases

80/100 CTF-Facingworlds2 By UTGangster


53/100 DM-1on1-Spliff By Kamil R


Fate of Time 5 Map Pack from the Timewarp Crew.

92/100 CTF-FoT-Selket By Swanky


91/100 AS-FoT-Chronoshift By Revelation


89/100 CTF-FoT-OrionsCursePart2 By Fragnbrag


87/100 DM-FoT-Adenora By Aalexanderrr


82/100 DM-FoT-Arken By GTD-Carthage


Enjoy and remember to give the authors plenty of feedback.


Two New Reviews

13th October, 2008

I was going to wait until I’d written a few more but it’s been nearly a week.


CTF-Pagnite By RoninMastaFX


VCTF-Kelahf By Cooloola

Both will provide some fun but VCTF-Kelahf is amazing.


Till then

Three Reviews

8th October, 2008

Yes three, one from each release.

For UT3 there is DM-MJ-Flamer by Mjpoland

and for UT2k4 flavour there is CTF-Wasnuni by Murphy

Those who prefer the original have DM-FoT-Metalwrath by Aalexanderrr

All of these maps have qualities.  Enjoy and fire some feedback backto me.

By the way every review I post I submit to Digg and Stumbleupon.  It helps get this site known as well as hooking your maps into the big social networks.

So get subbing 😀

Till then

Non UT related link.  I’ve found another classic that will take “ages”.

More Reviews

3rd October, 2008

UT3 and original flavour today.  Both good maps and worthy of your time.  This does mean I need more maps in the review list.  I’ve updated the review scheme to account for UT99 maps.

DM-Bagger by kevboy 62/100

DM-Maris by Swanky 91/100

I’ve changed the site structure around a little.  The path through to the reviews themselves has been simplified.  I’ve had word from Hunter that work on the new site is progressing and I should be able to see something this weekend.

Unless maps are subbed I’ll do some more work on Quatro. this weekend.

Till then

Non UT related link.  Another classic in flash form, enjoy.