HOLP 2 Reviews Tomorrow

9th November, 2008

I only have one more to do so I’ll be posted the reviews tomorrow.

As before I’ll take a short break from reviewing and try and get a beta of quatro out in the next few days.

The birthday went fine BTW

All the best

Non-UT ralated link – Mario and Co + Gangsta Tripping???


Deceptively Quiet.

27th October, 2008

Suff is still happening behind the scenes.  I’m working on the reviews tonight and should have them posted in a few days.  Remember there are quite a few of them.:D

DM-Quatro08 is getting closer to beta testing stage.  I’m looking forward to see what people think of it.  Beta release could be a soon as this weekend.

Non UT Related Link: Smiley War.  No more need be said

CBP3 Vol2 Reviews

20th October, 2008

Click here to have a read and see what you think.  The pack is a collection of top quality custom content.  Download the pack and have a read whilst you’re waiting.

OK, here is the list of the maps and the scores each one received.  The links will take you to the individual reviews.

88/100 – CTF-CBP3-Agonas By Raz And Sjosz

91/100 – CTF-CBP3-Arean By KaMi

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Krodan By Hourences

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Morgoth By Monger

89/100 – CTF-CBP3-TheExcavation By Plutonic

92/100 – CTF-CBP3-Vengeance By N3odoc

86/100 – DM-CBP3-Decay By EvilMrFrank

88/100 – DM-CBP3-Solar By KaMi

90/100 – DM-CBP3-Thor By N3odoc

86/100 – WAR-CBP3-Meditation By MozI

I’m going to take a break from reviewing for a day or so.  I’ll still update as normal though.

Also if you look along the page bar you see a new links page.  Yeh I know it’s oldskool but it does clear the front page up a bit.  Also you can submit a link if you want.  Follow the simple guidelines there and you should have no problems

Till then

Non UT related link: Base jumping java style


18th October, 2008

I think I’m developing permanent cramp not to mention RSI that will take days to calm down.  I’ve never typed so much before.  All good stuff though and it won’t be long until I’ve finished the CBP3 Vol2 pack.  It’s great that there is interest building in this site BTW; Keep those map subs coming.

The Unreal community seems to be coming alive recently.  More and more custom stuff appearing.

Have a browse here at the BeyondUnreal forums and you’ll soon see what I mean.  Try a single player mod for UT3, Prometheus.

Thanks to RaptoR over at PlanetUnreal for pimping again.

Till then

Non UT Related link.  Snooker’s long lost cousin

Good Stuff

14th October, 2008

Thanks to Beyond Unreal again for their support.  I’m glad people are liking the reviews.  More are on the way soon.  Remember you can submit your own and comment on the ones already there.

There is a large UT3 guide posted by RoninMastaFX over at the Beyond Unreal Forums.  If you’ve been having problems then check this out.

If making maps for the standard UT3 doesn’t appeal, why not map for a mod.  The ModDB and the Mod Centre have loads listed.  Find one you like and go for it.  There’s loads of help out there.

Till then

Non UT related link.  Suprisingly tricky


11th October, 2008

Not many reviews recently but that’s because only one has been submitted in the last couple of days. If you know a mapper then please encourage them to submit their map.  The upside, though, is progress within Quatro.

Some good news the Community Bonus Pack 3 will be released next week.  Also new custom content on the way of meshes, textures etc is on the way from Drachis.  This popped up over on the BU forums and it looks pretty good.  Hopefully he’ll release the release version soon.

Still thinking about the podcasts.  Time is my main enemy on this one.  Plus the ability to do this regularly.

Till then

Non UT Link. Retro fans will stain themselves

Quiet Day

9th October, 2008

Again, thanks for the support in visiting this site.  Makes it worth while

There is one review queued which I shall try to start tomorrow.  Thanks for commenting on the reviews.  Feed back is important for the mappers as well as me.

DM Quatro is progressing.  I managed to get a load done tonight.

Till Then

Non UT Related Link.  You may have played this once before, many years ago.