HOLP 2 Reviews

They’re done.  Click here to go to the main pack review page or click on the individual titles below to go straight to the specific review.

89/100 – CTF-Razor By H0ok

88/100 – DM-Precision By Barballs

88/100 – DM-Echelon By Slainchild

87/100 – DM-Bonecrusher By XYZ8000

86/100 – DM-Agony2 Converted By EvilMrFrank

84/100 – CTF-Cardinal By Sjosz

83/100 – DM-Chizra By HazelH

82/100 – CTF-Vogel By Mclogenog

80/100 – CTF-Yoghourt By StratooS

Pack score 85/100

Big thanks to the HOLP team for putting together a great pack which should give a lot of fun and enjoyment.

As ever please use the comments to give the authors valuable feedback and vote as well.

Hope you enjoy the reviews.

All the best

EDIT: The link to DM-Echelon By Slainchild is now fixed.  Sorry about that.  Thanks Wael


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