Feedback Please

This site has been going for a little while now.  I’d like some feedback on what you guys think of it so far.  I noticed a few have used the poll and have posted feedback in the past (thank you) but please tell me what you’d change, what you like, what you want to get rid off etc.

It would really help me decide in the next version of this site.  It will help make the site better for you.

The HOLP pack reviews are progressing and I’m still on course (fingers crossed :)).

All the best


3 Responses to Feedback Please

  1. Charlo says:

    I really like this site but I think there should be more UT99 reviews.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Firefly says:

    thanks for the feedback

    I would review UT99 maps if people submitted them.

  3. Thrallala says:

    I like the site, the only place to find decent reviews of UT maps, i’ll make sure to submit any completed map I release 🙂

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