Quatro09 BETA Released

I’ve decided to release the beta.  Please give me feedback on this.

Current issues i know about

  1. The Sky Dome isn’t scaled properly yet.
  2. There are two areas of concrete walkway on the top level.  These will snag.
  3. The shadows on some of the meshes aren’t quite right.  (i could do with a hand on these).

Thanks to hal again over at Beyond Unreal for posting about the reviews.

There is a difference in the name of one of the HOLP 2 maps.  Over at the HOLP 2 Page it is listed as Bonecrusher yet in game it is Bonescraper.  I’ve updated the review but any current links should still work.

Thanks to Thrallala for pointing that out.

All the best


9 Responses to Quatro09 BETA Released

  1. ilbeppe says:

    I’ve tried the map but it’s too way dark atm, I think you forgot to add some lights before uploading the map, (at least put some static lights for betatesting!)
    Anyway keep up the good work!

  2. Firefly says:

    it has lights
    it’s the same map file as the pics below

  3. Firefly says:

    sorry that was a bit cold of me

    Thanks for commenting and I’m sorry you find the map a bit dark.
    Not heard this from anybody else though.

  4. Cosmix says:

    Heja Firefly.

    I also have to say that the map is much too dark. Maybe you can try it on a friends pc to see how dark it is. Another way is to adjust your monitor. Another way is to add Skylights for a small amount of ambient light to your level.
    Architecture is nice. I dont play any DM so I dont can say any more. Btw, there is a stair somewhere where I got hooked a little.

  5. ilbeppe says:

    Yes I think he had cook problem with the lights or something like that beacause some meshes have no lights at all.

  6. Firefly says:

    That’s strange as my monitor is set fine and the lighting is set at standard in ut3 and in the maps.

    no errors came up while cooking

  7. Cosmix says:

    Thats it with quality management. You work on a map for months and suddenly some people told you these and that is not correct. You have seen the issues every day but for some reasons didn’t mention. I ´had same “problems” with my Torlan conversion. People really made me crasy… Finally I was glad about 🙂

  8. MinisterFish says:

    Hey Firefly, the lighting is off. I have some screens for you on my forum so you can see what we are talking about. I’m not sure if it’s the cooking’s fault or what because it looks like some parts are fine but most is not.

    The flow of the map seems fine. Weapon placement isn’t bad but I think there might be a little too many health vials. Fix the lighting and let’s give it another try before you end up releasing it.

  9. Firefly says:

    cheers for the comments.
    I’ve posted at your forums

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