Reviews On The Way

I’m currently in the process of writing some reviews. and will post them within the next day or so.  There has been some quality releases recently.  People seem to be getting to grips with the new engine.  Hourence’s The Ball: Oztoc and The Haunted are the two more original mods of late.  Try them both out.

The Ball: Oztoc By Hourance

The Haunted By Hegi

Why not give mapping a go?  Go on try it.  Just set your sights on simple achievements at first and build on them slowly.  It is a steep learning curve especially with the new engine but the results are worth it.  Remember it’s not a race.  Unreal will be around for a long time yet.

Speaking of which it’s the 10 year anniversary coming up.  Way not make something for UT3 community to celebrate.

I might have even finished Quatro by then 😀

Till then


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