Community Bonus Pack 3 Vol 2


A fine pack of excellent maps and two good models.  Although I don’t review models I think they deserve a mention.  Although limited in options they are a worthy addition to your collection and a real boon to this pack.

Click to read the individual reviews.

88/100 – CTF-CBP3-Agonas By Raz And Sjosz

91/100 – CTF-CBP3-Arean By KaMi

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Krodan By Hourences

90/100 – CTF-CBP3-Morgoth By Monger

89/100 – CTF-CBP3-TheExcavation By Plutonic

92/100 – CTF-CBP3-Vengeance By N3odoc

86/100 – DM-CBP3-Decay By EvilMrFrank

88/100 – DM-CBP3-Solar By KaMi

90/100 – DM-CBP3-Thor By N3odoc

86/100 – WAR-CBP3-Meditation By MozI

Pack score 89/100


If any of the maps are released on their own can the authors please tell me and I’ll add the new links to the relevant reviews.

I averaged the scores and the total was 88.8.  So I rounded the result up to 89.  The pack is high quality and well above average as the score shows.  Certainly worthy of your bandwidth and server time.  Make sure you read the readme to know who has put their time and considerable skills into the pack so you can enjoy UT3.

Here’s to Volume 3.


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