Voting Rights

You’ve probably noticed the poll on the right hand side.  I’ve also added one to each review.  This allows you to rate the map (preferably after you’ve played it).

I’ve got stuck into the reviews of the CBP3 Vol 2 Pack.  I’m giving each map a full review and then I will give an overall score of the pack with an honorable mention of the models.

The guys over at Runestorm have released a great model pack for UT3.  These are really high quality and I would urge you to download them now.  They have also done other work for UT3.

Fancy some Gears of War objects and meshes to use for you next level design project?  Well now you can.  Over on this thread at BU forums, UX.Loki has managed to convert the assets from Gears of War so they can be used in UT3.  I think we can look forward to some more variety in the maps.

Told you things will get better 🙂

Till then


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