Extreme Mapping Competition

This thread over at the Beyond Unreal forums lays out the rules for a good competition.  Focusing on originality but based around 1 on 1 style of play.  Check it out if you fancy a challenge.

At the time of writing this two maps have been subbed.  I’ve finished one review but I’ll wait until I’ve done the other before I post them.  That should be tomorrow or the day after.  I want to spend the rest of today working on quatro.

Again big thanks to hal over at Beyond Unreal for pimping this site.  I sent the news to Planet but nothing as of yet.  The stats for this site show that the community is still around.  Communities build communities not single people.  It will become as strong as you make it.

More big thanks to the people who have given me feed back.  So vital in this community.  Not from an ego point of view but simply if no-one gives feedback then you guys don’t get the sites and maps you want.  Epic may have missed the mark but that doesn’t mean we, as a community, will.  UT3 is a great engine that’s capable of some amazing stuff.

Till Then

Non-UT related link.  Be a hired hitman in stickman world.


4 Responses to Extreme Mapping Competition

  1. Cosmix says:

    You are right Firefly. The engine is great (psst…also love the game itself 🙂 ) and there is a mighty editor. You can realize what you imagine in a very comfortable way. There is nothing comparable on the market in my opinion. I dont really know why people still whining about the game.
    Look ahead guys! If you still remain in the past and glorify previous versions of UT the series will end with UT3.

  2. vavyLoacy says:

    Интересная статья, но по-моему в Ваших статьях не хватает юмора… Попробуйте добавить хоть капельку и читателей прибавится

  3. KequewJep says:

    Действительно интересный сайт, добавил в избранное, буду заходить почаще

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