More Reviews

UT3 and original flavour today.  Both good maps and worthy of your time.  This does mean I need more maps in the review list.  I’ve updated the review scheme to account for UT99 maps.

DM-Bagger by kevboy 62/100

DM-Maris by Swanky 91/100

I’ve changed the site structure around a little.  The path through to the reviews themselves has been simplified.  I’ve had word from Hunter that work on the new site is progressing and I should be able to see something this weekend.

Unless maps are subbed I’ll do some more work on Quatro. this weekend.

Till then

Non UT related link.  Another classic in flash form, enjoy.


2 Responses to More Reviews

  1. MinisterFish says:

    Didn’t know people were still working on UT99 maps. DM-Maris would have been a bonus for server rotation back in the day.

  2. Firefly says:

    There is still a hardcore of fans who play UT99

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