Blend and Stretch

no more headache 😀

Stumble can jog your memory. Blender came up on a recent stumble.  This is an open source (and free) 3D development software that’s very similar to 3D Max etc.

What’s the relevance?

Well I intend learning this so I can create meshes for UED4.  I have a good working knowledge of Photoshop so textures shouldn’t be a problem.  Of course anything I make I’ll put up for download.  I love learning new things like this.  If I hadn’t become hooked on stumble I’d have never found it.

I’ll concentrate more on the map and get that finished but it’s nice to have a constructive distraction.

Remember that you don’t need to learn anything other than the editor to create maps.

Non-ut related link is this rather unique flash game.


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