VCTF-SkytownSE By Squiggles

An small town built long ago by a long since departed alien race.  Now a VCTF arena in the tournament.

Gameplay 24/30

Playercount is set high at 16 to 24 and that’s about right.  The map is deceptively large.  The layout is quite intricate and elaborate and you’ll be forever discovering new shortcuts.  The bots don’t seem to have any problems and will cap successfully

This feels more like a standard CTF rather than a VCTF map.  The flow seems to have been built around pedestrians rather than around vehicles.  The layout feels a little too cramped for vehicles.  Although they help cover the distance they should play a bigger role in the map.  Only three different types are available; Darkwalker, Viper and the Scavenger.  Maybe swapping the Scavengers for Scorpions would have suited the map better.

At the top, in the centre of the map, is the flak cannon.  It’s sat in a shrine (somewhere for the flak monkeys to pray) and is a good choice of placement.  The narrow and twisting layout make this weapon very strong.  A  map of this size yet no U-Damage, it does need one I think.  Plus ammo is in short supply.

Performance 18/30 (Hardware)

Not good with the FPS being sub 30 a lot of the time.  Setting cull distances and a cull distance volume would have really helped the FPS.

Eye Candy 20/25

Very pretty and believable.  The feeling of streets and what once could have been a bustling town have been achieved to a large extent.  The post processing, although nicly done is a little heavy and green.  Less is definitely more when it comes to post processing.  That said the rest of the lighting is done really well and the sunlight looks really good.  There are two rooms that look unfinished though.  These are the ones with the big orange lights in the ceiling and steep stairs.  These areas contrast with the good looks of the rest of the map.  It’s nice to see a new look for the Necris set especially with the use of colour.  Too often the Necris set is overly dark and bleak.

The Details 15/15

All here and so are the points

Final Score 77/100

A well made and good looking map but it feels more suited to CTF than VCTF plus let down by poor performance



2 Responses to VCTF-SkytownSE By Squiggles

  1. Squiggles says:

    Thanks for the review firefly!

  2. Firefly says:

    np. thanks for the map:)

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