DM-FoT-Arken By GTD-Carthage

Originally part of the Fate of Time 5 pack

This arena is in celebration of Arken Weapons anniversary.  Arken manufactures many weapons including the experimental ones used in this tournament.

Gameplay 26/30

A very open hardcore style map with an interesting feature; a tank.  This tank charges every minute or so and it fired using a small control room that’s situated off to one side.  The area it spams is large and open and not a good place to be once this thing starts firing.  Very satisfying when you wipe all your opponents out.  It does add a great side to the gameplay and is a welcome addition to the normal deathmatch style.

The playercount is set at 2 to 4 but I think another two can fit in here comfortably.  this isn’t really a duel map though.  Bots don’t seem to get caught up anywhere and they know how to use the tank.  Pickups are thoughtfully placed as well.

One problem is that you can get stuck on the back end of the tank.  It can get really fiddly jumping out.  Hammer jumping doesn’t seem to work.

Performance 23/30 (Hardware)

It is a very heavy map due to high polys.  I found this map to run much better under OpenGL.  Try these as I found them to give good rates.  If you have no problems then don’t change.  I did get slight slowdown when looking across the tank area, even with the custom OpenGL drivers.

Eye Candy 23/25

One look at the screenshots will tell you that this is no slouch in the looks department.  Those extra polys have been put to good use.  The tank looks especially impressive as does the sky box.  The architecture looming menacingly over the map.  Lighting has also been done to a high standard.

The Details 10/15

All here but no word that the OpenGL drivers are needed or even suggested.  In fact, under DirectX it blue screened.  I had to spend time hunting down custom drivers just to get the map to run.

Final Score 82/100

A great looking map but those extra poly really cost  and the problem of getting stuck behind the tank mean the score is lower than it could have been.   Due to the DirectX driver problems this map runs poorly under DirectX, maps must run on a standard UT install.  I haven’t marked Arken down as this was unclear in my map submission page and therefore would be unfair to the author.



8 Responses to DM-FoT-Arken By GTD-Carthage

  1. GTD-Carthage says:

    Thanks for the great review, Firefly. 🙂 Kind of upsetting that we get so little feedback after releasing this pack but at least you were around to write this up.

  2. Firefly says:

    I know the feeling. I get almost no feed back about this site.
    Hopefully people will use the voting at least

  3. Charon says:

    Good job with the site, Firefly.
    It is pity you still use default renderer 😉 And it is sad you’ve lowered the score because of it 😛 I think the fault is on your side, not the author. DX8/DX9/OGL renderers are a kind of a standard for a pretty long time 😉
    Just take a look at the last screenie! GLR rox, mare! 😉

  4. Firefly says:

    Glad you like the site and thanks for your feedback.:D
    The Details score was marked down because it wasn’t stated in the readme that custom renderers were needed.
    In performance I marked it down due to the slowdown when viewing the tank, not because of the default or custom renderers. The slowdown happens under OpenGL and that’s what I used to review the map.
    I stated this in the final paragraph
    ” I haven’t marked Arken down as this was unclear in my map submission page and therefore would be unfair to the author. “;)

    I agree that the new renderers are an improvement. 😀

    It’s a great map that’s why it got 82 😀
    Again, big thanks for the feedback. I have adjusted submission page since.:D

  5. Charon says:

    Argh xD My fail 🙂

    It would be cool if you keep posting screenies shot under GLR (both OGL & DX8/9 do look sweet as you know). I see screenies were shot under DX7, except the last one. It is easy to recognize due to darkened lighting.

    Also, if you would like to sharpen textures ingame to make them look even cooler, you can modify LODbias setting in your UnrealTournamet.ini, in renderer section.


    This will disable mipmapping. Personally, I also turned on AA & Anizo using nVidia Control Panel. Of course it will impact the performance on some modern highpoly maps, but screenies shot using these settings just kick ass 😀

    I demand only GLR screenies by now! =]
    Greetings! 🙂

  6. Firefly says:

    dx9 not 7 btw;)

    I’m thinking about this.

  7. Charon says:

    “dx9 not 7 btw;)”

    Default renderer (DX7) is characteristic by the way it renders the lighting. And I see it on the sshots, Firefly 🙂 I guess, you did something wrong while using GLR DX8/9, because DX8 & 9 look almost same as OGL. You’re not going to tell me i.e. sshot 003 & 006 look “almost same”, are you? 😉

    Still, great job. If somehow OGL looks better than DX9 on your specs, then just keep using it 😉 All I wanted to say is default renderer (DX7) sucks really bad nowadays =]

  8. 2_Face says:

    great pack ! i just love it 😀 (don’t let UT99 die)
    I think the score is too low for this map firefly, i mean, just play it! there’s a lot of original ideas on this map and it looks like the ut2004 maps (and much better than some of them.)
    I don’t understand how such a piece of art like this map gets a lower score than DM-FoT-Arken…(which is just one more map.. nothing new 😛 )

    Thanks for the review! i didn’t expect so much 🙂

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