CTF-FoT-Selket By Swanky

Originally part of the Fate of Time 5 pack

An old drilling platform in the frozen wastes of Nakthi.  Once owned and run for Selket now home to vicious combatants.

Gameplay 27/30

Tidy and traditional CTF layout that will house the 10-14 playercount quite well.  The layout has a lot of Z-Axis play as well as linear corridor action.  It’s also quite possible in places to knock your opponents off the platforms to certain death.  The bases only have three entrances that are close to the flags.  This makes defence problematic, reaction times are key here for the defenders.

The bots do a good job of attacking and defending but I would stick a few more than normal on defence.  I didn’t see any problems with the bot getting confused.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

No problems here party due to the layout.  Only the oldest rig will stutter

Eye Candy 22/25

There’s a lot of good custom textures here and it does feel like the Egyptian set from UT2k3/4.  It’s a nice theme that runs well with the map’s history.  Some may find the lighting a little dark but I like it like that.  There are some areas that have some great detail and  texturing.  Also the architecture looks great and feels solid.  The particles on the jumppads are a nice addition as are the glowing rings round the pickups and flags.

The Details 15/15

All here plus custom music from Unreal Championship.

Final Score 92/100

A great and tidy map and one that you’ll play for a good while.  Might be a little cramped for some though.



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