CTF-FoT-OrionsCursePart2 By Fragnbrag

Originally part of the Fate of Time 5 pack

This follows events from the assault map “Orion Station Part 1”.  The retaking and defence of Orion station is set out in this huge CTF map.

Gameplay 26/30

10 to 16 will fit into this huge map quite well.  The author states in the readme that the design started life as an assault map and I can see it in parts of the map.  Not a bad thing but the feeling is there.  Bots sometimes get confused by the jumppads; landing and then running back to the jumppad to repeat the process.  Largely though they frag and cap quite well.

The layout is huge and varied in floor plan.  Open areas are interspersed with claustrophobic corridors, control rooms and storerooms amongst others.  Every playing style will find a home here.  It is a long trek between the two flags and that does translate into long games.  The flow is good and there are multiple routes, not just between the flags but between the different areas as well.

Pickups are done well with plenty to go round.  Two U-Damages are in here without overpowering the play.  That just shows the size of the map.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

The poly count in here is not extreme but the size is.  In some areas you can see quite a distance away.  Frame rates are good but lower specced PCs will grumble a little.

Eye Candy 23/25

The atmosphere here is good due to a nice, clean tech theme with a diverse yet cohesive texture base.  The textures are drawn from numerous sources and you should read the readme to see all the credits.  The large areas have a more industrial feel with cranes and containers.  Leading from them are computer rooms, dark storage areas and more industrial areas.  Each area has its own theme.  Lighting has been done well and the exterior views have been built well.

The Details 13/15

All here but the map needs the Inoxx pack installed. You’ll get errors otherwise.  This is not stated anywhere in either the map’s or FoT5 pack’s readme.  An oversight but a shame after all the work that’s gone into the map.

Final Score 89/100

A monster of a map but one you’ll keep playing.  It should be a firm favourite for big clam matches as well as on the pubs.  Let down but small bot/jumppad and file problems.



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