AS-FoT-Chronoshift By Revelation

Originally part of the Fate of Time 5 pack

A research centre in the South Pole.  This houses technology that can slow time itself.  The mission is to get in, collect data and information, shut it down and then get out.

Gameplay 27/30

I really urge you to read the readme for this map because there has been a lot of work put into this.  Not just custom meshes, textures and music but a huge amount of scripting work.  Revelation has also rebalanced the assault scoring system amongst other things.  It does seem to have worked, certainly within Chronoshift.

This map is huge with around 8 fairly varied stages to complete.  The timer is set at 20 minutes per side.  That shows you just how big this is.  The plot takes you from leaving the train and blowing your way into the base, all the way to the core and then escape.  Every time you complete a stage a door opens allowing easy and quick access from the initial spawn points.  This cuts down on a lot of frustration and long walks and lets you get back into the action.  The objectives are fairly clear though sometimes the pictures in the objectives weren’t all that clear.

Player count is set at 12 to 16.  That does seem a little too busy.  I get a better game with 10 because the playing areas are generally medium in size.  There’s a lot of close quarter combat sections as well.  The bots themselves don’t get caught up or confused.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

Before you first spawn in a choice is offered to you.  High end special effects version or the opposite.  This map does have quite high demands relatively speaking.  If it runs slowly then choose the low version.  The FPS is going to take larger than normal hit with this map.

Eye Candy 24/25

Just as much work has gone into the looks.  Two of my favourites are the clock that tells the correct time and destructible icicles.  The atmosphere of a research centre at the frozen South Pole.  The theme is carried well though the map and it all feels whole.  The end sequence that includes an equally impressive explosion.  The tension also builds when, right at the end …. actually I’m not going to tell you.  It’s a small thing but it really adds to the tension.

The Details 15/15

With all the work that’s been piled into this it would be a shame it the details were missed.  Thankfully not the case as they’re all here.

Final Score 91/100

An amazing piece of work and a gargantuan map.  The only bad point is that this is a bit of a frame rate killer if your rig isn’t all that recent.  It’s a lot of fun and will take a lot of time to master.



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