DM-Maris By Swanky

Fancy living in a flat with a view of deathmatching tournaments from your balcony?  Well that’s what the citizens of Maris City can enjoy.  Kind of like Liandri meets Monaco.  Custom textures and script give this a unique look.

Gameplay 28/30

Smooth and fast and the bots know how to get around.  This is a hardcore style map that’s going to please the DM purists.  The jump-pads have been used well here and you also land in a logical place.  The jump feels natural and right.  Weapon placement was good although a little more health would improve things a little.  This is just a minor point though.  Player count was spot on.  I played with 6 and that felt about right.  There was one fly in the ointment though.  There is one playerstart where you spawn in and fall off a ledge.  This could be improved by moving it back a bit or turning it 45 degrees.

Performance 27/30  (Hardware)

On today’s hardware there isn’t going to be an issue but the poly count is high for a UT map.  If you haven’t upgraded in the last few years you may notice slowdowns.

Eye Candy 21/25

A quick look at the screenshots will show you this is no ugly map.  The custom textures make this map stand out.  The blue neon contrasts really well with the dark brown palette.  A few more red lights here and there would have accentuated this.  These seem a little sparse.  What I first thought was a big gun is, in fact, a data transmitter.  This thing fires off every few seconds and shakes the screen if you’re nearby.  A nice touch and gives the map a purpose.  I would to have like to have seen more of the civilian residence.  Only one block of flats is visible.  This would help the feeling of being in a city.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, playercount, sounds and custom music, Transistor by Kevin Riepl, from Unreal Championship 2.  Also a nice backstory make this a complete package

Final Score 91/100

A high score but a map deserving of it.  It’s full of atmosphere and great looks with smooth flow.  It should have finished downloading by now.:D



5 Responses to DM-Maris By Swanky

  1. DarkSonny says:

    Hey swanky I played this great map, and I agree with the reviewer in this map unless you have a updated-mid-end PC or high-end PC you wil enjoy with this beautiful map with a soundtrack music that if im not wrong is from the UC2 great choice!

    Firefly, great review man, you must keep going on with ut reviews website like this I’ts need keeping in mind Nalicity has broken due a big failure in their HD servers

    GJ and good lucky with this site 😉

  2. Firefly says:

    Thanks for the feedback and support
    Glad you’re enjoying the site.

  3. Swanky says:

    I must say I really like your reviewing scheme that covers up pretty much everything. Also nice site, very clean looks. Thank you for your review.

    I’m glad you like the map, DarkSonny.

  4. Firefly says:

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Thanks for a great map and enjoy the site.:D

  5. MinisterFish says:

    Swanky, what took so long to make this map? j/k Great UT map. Good job.

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