DM-FoT-Metalwrath By Aalexanderrr

A disused virus testing lab once owned by the Izanagi is the theme here.  A small map that has some nice clean lines and a techy theme.

Gameplay 24/30

Small, clean hardcore style map.  Player count on this is 2 to 3 but can handle 4 to 5 if you like it busy.  The flow is really nice.  Each area blends into one another and there is some z-axis play.  Weapons are placed well on some nice looking bases.  Ammo and health are placed in adequate amounts around the map.  The bots did a decent job of trying to frag me and each other and they ventured into all areas of the map.  Not the trickiest bots I’ve played against though but they were certainly not slouches.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Due to the uncomplicated look of the map the performance should be good on even the older machines.  If you can run the stock maps fine then this well run just as well.

Eye Candy 20/25

Hazard strips and cold grey walls give this a techy look.  The map is full of custom textures which give it a fresh feel.  There’s also a large fish tank with an inhabitant swimming around which is a nice touch.  The back story states it’s an old virus research station but I can’t find any laboratories or sample holding cells.  Something like an old Skaarj corpse in a viewing bay or some old sample bottles or vats somewhere would have added to the theme.  Glass floors give views to other parts of the centre and also the environments the centre is set in.  Details like this really do add to a map’s atmosphere and the author has done that well here.  A variation in light colour would have brought a welcome break to the green.  I know there are blue lights and crystals but maybe something from the other part of the spectrum, just here and there.  Also those flares are a little on the big side.  Good looking map though.

The Details 15/15

the basics are all here so the 15 is awarded.

Final Score 87/100

A clean map with hardcore at its heart.  If you’re looking for a fresh new dueling map are just like them small then grab this.  You won’t be disappointed.



2 Responses to DM-FoT-Metalwrath By Aalexanderrr

  1. Aalexanderrr says:

    Heya Firefly, thanks for the amazing review!

  2. Firefly says:

    NP. thanks for a high quality map

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